Is Kapas Selection Halal? Let’s find out!

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Is Kapas Selection Halal? Let’s find out!

Are you sure the cotton you use every day is made from 100% pure cotton? And has it been dermatologically tested and certified halal? To answer your curiosity, let’s explore some interesting facts about cotton.

Cotton is made from the seeds of the Gossypium plant. It has excellent absorbent properties, capable of absorbing water up to 24 to 27 times its own weight. Cotton is also biodegradable, breaking down within a week to 5 months. Kapas Selection is made from 100% pure and select cotton. With its purity, Kapas Selection proves to be easily absorbent, making it convenient for removing makeup and cleansing the face.

Moreover, Kapas Selection is suitable for sensitive skin, avoiding allergies and skin irritations. If you have genuine cotton, why try something else, girls?

Dermatologically Certified

This label indicates that the product is under the supervision of skin experts (dermatologists)
and has undergone several stages of testing on respondents


Halal Cotton, Selection is the choice!

The halal logo on Selection’s product packaging indicates that Kapas Selection has passed halal verification by MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council).
Thus, it has a written fatwa from MUI confirming that Kapas Selection products comply with Islamic Sharia law

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