Other Uses of Cotton Buds


Other Uses of Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are often only made as tools for ear cleaning, even though there are many other functions for cotton buds. Besides being used for ear cleaning, cotton buds can also be used as:

  1. Eyebrow Makeup Tool
    After finishing your eyebrow makeup, tidy up the outer edges with a Cotton Bud to make the eyebrow frame lines appear sharper and achieve a natural effect.
  2. Cleaning Eye Makeup
    The makeup in the corners of the eyes can often be challenging to reach and clean. To tackle this, use a Cotton Bud soaked in Micellar Water to clean that area. Clean it gently to avoid any harm to your eye health.
  3. Highlighter Brush
    Dip a Cotton Bud into Highlighter powder, then apply it to your nose. Move it from the center of the nose downwards to create a thin line. Then, blend it using your fingertip.
  4. Concealer Brush
    Apply Concealer around your eyes using a Cotton Bud gently and evenly. The shape of the Cotton Bud makes it easy to apply Concealer uniformly.
  5. Lip Makeup Definer (Lip Liner)
    After using your favorite-colored lipstick, utilize a Cotton Bud as a Lip Liner to neaten the lip lines for a fuller and natural look.

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