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Vision & Mission

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To be as a strong global manufacturer company that meets the healthy value and consumer satisfaction by producing and distributing innovative products.


Tarunakusuma Purinusa committed to improve the quality of life, create friendly environment, and increase value for stakeholder by creating synergy and using innovative cotton technology.


Info – Short about Us

PT.Tarunakusuma Purinusa was born in 1986 as a home industry in making facial cotton.

In 1993, a first factory was built to produce facial cotton using machinery instead manually in Karang Jati Ungaran, Jawa Tengah. The first product that we launched in the market was Selection Cotton.

In 2003, PT.Tarunakusuma Purinusa built a new factory in Bawen, Ungaran, Central Java, using the world advanced technology equipment from German. With this high technology machine, we produce bleached cotton, cotton roll, cotton sliver, facial cotton, cotton bud and cotton ball.

The company has developed into national leader of cotton products. PT.Tarunakusuma Purinusa does some business relationship with well-established companies in Indonesia for private label products and we also export our products to some countries in Asia to Saudi Arabia.

Product & Environment

Go Green


We produce bleached cotton, cotton roll, cotton sliver, facial cotton, cotton bud, and cotton ball.

Here are some reasons why our product is the best:

Textured cotton

Our cotton is the only one in southeast Asia who uses German technology to produce “textured cotton” to clean faces perfectly and does not leave messy fiber on your face. Also reduce cotton dust, makes it as a perfect product for the ones who suffered from allergic.


Processed by less than 5 microns solid content high quality reverse osmosis water that makes cotton web more hygienic


Neutral from any residues from the production process so there is no side effect and safe to use along with your cosmetics products.

Quality Guarantee

Our cotton has a standard specification from International pharmacopoeia.


PT. Tarunakusuma Purinusa is committed to providing customers with high quality products that are environmentally safe for the continued health of our planet. We continually strive to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do by maintaining the right waste water treatment.